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Products >> Nutrition Ingredients >> Nutrition >> Vitamin B

 Product Name


 Vitamin B1 (mono/hcl)

 98%  102%

 Vitamin B6


 Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine HCL)


 Vitamin B12

 EP96%~102%    USP 96%~100.5%

JP ≥98%

EP 95%~102%

 Hydroxocobalamin Acetate
EP 96%~102%

 Hydroxocobalamin HCL
EP 96~102%

 Hydroxocobalamin Sulphate
EP 96~102%

 Vitamin B12 food additive
Company Standard Labeled amount 100~130%

 Vitamin B12 feed additive
GB/T9841-2006 Labeled amount 90~130%