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Products >> Nutrition Ingredients >> Plant Extracts >> Standard Plant Extract

 Product Name

 Active Ingredient


 Test Method

 Angelica Sinensis P.E.  ligustilide  ≥1%  HPLC
 Andrographis Paniculate
 Andrographolide 10%, 15%  HPLC
 Artichoke P.E.  Caffeoylquinic acid  ≥13%  UV
 Caffeoylquinic acid expressed
as chlorogenic acid
 ≥2.5%  HPLC
 Astragalus P.E.  Polysacchrides 20%, 40%  UV
 Banana Leaf P.E.  Corosolic acid 10:01:00  HPLC
 Baical Skullcap Root P.E.  Baicalin 75% 85% 95%  10:1  HPLC
 Bitter Melon P.E.  Charantin ≥1.0%  Total saponins≥10.0%  UV/HPLC
 Black Cohosh P.E.  Triterpenes 2.5% 5.0% 8.0%  HPLC
 Bladderweack P.E.  Fucosterol Fucosterol≥0.2% Lodine≥0.2%  TLC
 Black Currant Seed Oil  P.E.  Gla 14%-15%  HPLC
 Blueberry P.E.  Anthocyanidins 25%  UV
 Boswellia Serrata P.E.  Boswellic Acid  ≥65%  Titration
 Borage Oil  Gla 20%-22%  HPLC
 Broccoli P.E.  Sulforaphen  0.5%-10% 50%  HPLC
 Cactus P.E.  Flavones  ≥2.0%  UV
 Cape Aloes P.E.  Hydroxyanthracene derivatives  ≥20%  UV
 Casanthranol P.E.  Cascarosides expressed as cascaroside A  ≥25%  UV
 Cassia Nomame P.E.  Flavones  ≥8.0%  UV
 Chamomile P.E.  Total apigenin  ≥1.2%  HPLC
 Chasteberry P.E.  Flavones  ≥5.0%  UV
 Chinese Rhubarb P.E.  Anthraquinones  ≥1.0%  UV
 Cinnamon Bark P.E.  Polyphenols  8.0%, 30%  UV
 Cistanche Tubulosa P.E.  Polyphenols  ≥18%  UV
 Citrus Aurantium P.E.  Synephrine  10% 30%   HPLC
 98% 95%